With our Sponsor Plan, we want to move the corporate sector and society to sponsor a child, by providing donations in cash that can cover their needs for a year.


You can be part of those that wish to leave a better world.​

Plan A

Corporate Sponsor Plan $100/month

Individual Sponsor Plan  $    5/month




  • Deposit or transfer to the following accounts

    • Banesco
      Fund. Amigos del Niño que Amerita Protección
      0134 0176 48 17630 06820
      RIF: J-300444325

    • 100% Banco Universal
      Fund. Amigos del Niño que Amerita Protección
      0156 0030 61 04001 15846
      RIF: J-300444325

  • Deposits or transfers from your Banesco online.

  • Charge to your Credit Card: for this type of transaction, we need the following information:

    • Copy of the front of your credit card         

    • Copy of your Identification Document

    • NOTE: We will never ask for your credit card’s security number.


If you live abroad, and want to make a donation in foreign currency:



Corporate Sponsor Plan                           

Individual Sponsor Plan   


Forms of payment:

  • With one-time or periodic donations via PayPal or credit/debit card Here.

  • Venmo: @Fundana-Venezuela


It’s very important that you inform us when you make your donation so we can confirm. Write to donacionesfundana16@gmail.com or fundana09@gmail.com indicating the date, number of the transfer receipt, or the deposit number

If you are interested in helping, contact us:




Sughey Puchi

Donations Coordinator



+58 412-7073174 / +58-212-227-00-55

Where we are

Tel. +58-212-257694

Av. Rio de Janeiro, "las Villas de los Chiquiticos", Caurimare, Caracas, Venezuela

Correo: info@fundana.org

Fundana International

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Fundana Venezuela

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