The main goal of this program is to provide nutritional attention to families with economic and social difficulties that affect their nutritional and health state.

These families are referred by FUNDANA, Community PROFAM, PROFAM Chuao, PROFAM San Bernardino and the Protection Council.

The program seeks to improve the nutritional state of the children, by providing nutritional assistance, foods, nutritional snacks, nutritional supplements and education with consultations and workshops, to empower them and to raise awareness about their food safety in the mid-term.


We start by explaining to the families that the Program has three phases: Food Accompaniment, children receive the food for the day, Nutritional Snacks and Nutritional Supplements, adjusted according to the socioeconomic situation and nutritional assessment of each individual. It has two main areas: food intake and anthropometric assessment.

At all times during this intervention, families are required to commit and fulfill their goals, in order to achieve the desired objective.

Nutrition care and recovery program



Calle Santa Cruz, Qta "Los Chiquiticos IV" detrás del colegio los Arrayanes. Urb. Chuao.

Phone: 0212-9921174 /                     0212-9926832


Program Coordinator:

Lic. Andrea Jaimes 

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Tel. +58-212-257694

Av. Rio de Janeiro, "las Villas de los Chiquiticos", Caurimare, Caracas, Venezuela


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