This program is based on the statute that offers children in adverse conditions the possibility to grow up with a foster family.

Would you like to be a host familiy?

For those children than can not live with their parents, you can provide the opportunity to grow up with a family, by taking them into your home as a new member, and enjoy care, support and love.

What is the family placement measure?

It’s a legal protection action dictated by a judge of the Child and Adolescent Protection Court to restitute children’s rights when these are threatened or violated. It’s a way to help and protect children and adolescents when they live in difficult situations within their birth family

What is a foster family?

It is a family, though not the biological family, that provides a home to a child or group of siblings, and includes them as a temporary or definite member. The foster family can be integrated by one or more people.

What children can be subject to family placement?

Newborn to pre-adolescent children, sibling groups, special children, protected by an attention institution, that have no possibility in the mid-term to be reinstated in their biological family


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Is it different from adoption?

Adoption is an irrevocable and irreversible measure where the child acquires the status of son or daughter; family placement is a provisional measure where the child can grow as a member of the family, but maintains some kind of link with his/her biological family. In exceptional conditions, the children may change from family placement to adoption.

Children are waiting at the attention facilities....

For a host family as yours.   They are children between 3 months and 12 years old with different features and needs, groups of siblings, children from different ethnic groups, etc, that have something in common: 


They need a family to protect and love them

What are the requirements for a foster or solidary family?

  • Venezuelan or resident in the country.

  • Age 25 to 55

  • With or without biological and/or adopted children

  • Not registered in the adoption program or any other family placement program

  • To be a part of a stable or integrated family

  • To have a flexible attitude in order to adapt to new situations

  • Respect the personal history of the child, accepting his/her particular features

  • To be willing to participate in training courses by the family placement program to facilitate the inclusion of the child in the host family

How does the process work?

It begins with a start-up workshop where the hosting program’s main objective is presented, informing about the legal foundations of the Child and Adolescent Protection Law.

Later, the families are evaluated by a multi-disciplinary team formed by psychiatrists, psychologists, attorneys and social workers, that also provide information to clear any doubts.


We invite you to form part of this program and to feel like a citizen of a solidary society.

During the whole process, our professional staff will be constantly by your side.

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