Based on the experience and research in gender violence cases, we consider necessary to provide comprehensive attention including assistance to women that are victims of violence, as well as the re-education of men exerting gender violence, in order to boost the changes that can reduce the probability of living through violence situations

The Unit for Women Victims of Violence has the following objectives:

  • To provide specialized psychological attention

  • To provide legal advice for the legal processes.

  • To provide actions to avoid further violence situations

  • To create networks for support and labor/academic support


Attention is focused on women:

  • Over 18.

  • That report to be victims of some type of gender violence


Equity Program description:

  • Assistance:

    • Voluntary

    • Referrals from the Justice System (Public Prosecution, Protection Councils, entities that receive complaints, Courts of Violence against Women, Courts for Protection of Children and Adolescents)

    • Referrals from other programs of FUNDANA

  • Services:

    • Individual psychological attention

    • Group attention

    • Social and legal attention



  • To provide socio-emotional support

  • To provide psycho-educational, medical and legal orientation

  • To achieve economic independence and the personal autonomy for women

  • To strengthen family support networks

  • To prevent further violence situations



Finally, we invite you to consider referring people that you consider may benefit from it. Our services are totally free of charge and confidential.


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Program Coordinator:

Lic. Ninoska Zambrano

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