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Why help the children of Venezuela?

At present, in Venezuela over 80% of the families are living in poverty conditions. This affects the children’s basic needs, such as food, shelter and education. Our children have not enjoyed the opportunity to have the loving and supporting family they deserve. FUNDANA provides children with a second opportunity to be respected, valued and especially to develop their full potential to become healthy and productive adults.

How do I know that FUNDANA is a trustworthy foundation to offer my help?

We have worked in Venezuela since 1991. We are financially audited every year by Espiñeira, Sheldon & Associates (Price Waterhouse), and our licenses are renewed every year with the government authorities.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

FUNDANA is a 501(c)(3) corporation; all donations we receive are tax-deductible, as indicated by the IRS.

We are registered with number EIN-47-31770033

How can I help?

There are many ways to help:

  • With one-time or periodic cash donations in local or foreign currency
  • With donations of goods or services
  • Volunteering

For details, click here

What can I do if I want to help FUNDANA’s children at any time?

Easy... register as a volunteer. Join us in an introductory talk where you can select the area where you want to participate, the schedule, etc. Contact us

At what age I can be a volunteer?

The volunteers must be of legal age, however there are social work plans for high school students, universities and / or companies. Contact us

Is FUNDANA only in Caracas?

We are only located in Caracas but we receive families and children from all over Venezuela.

I would like to develop an event with you, or propose an idea, what should I do?

We are always open to ideas from anyone. If you want to help us, contact our volunteer department, let is know about your proposal. Click here.

How can I make a donation if I don’t live in Venezuela?

You can make your donation via FUNDANA International. Click here for more information

How can I adopt a child?

If you live in Venezuela, you can apply as a foster family (read more), or as a candidate for adoption, through the government entities at

Can I choose the child I want?

When you apply as a foster family, part of the evaluation process includes a letter of intention, where you can specify the profile of the child you would like to receive in your home in terms of age, gender, phenotypic features, health condition, with or without siblings, among others.

However, presentations are made individually as a result of the evaluations conducted by the Family Placement team. The children’s and candidate family’s profiles are analyzed.

Where can I report a child abuse situation?

You can call on the Protection Council of the Municipality, and report the case, anonymously if you want. If you don’t know the information about the council, or you are nor able to contact them, call FUNDANA and we will process immediately your report. Contact us.


What happens to children who don’t find a family before they turn eight?

Our goal is that all children leave FUNDANA as part of a family (biological or extended family, foster family of adoptive family), however sometimes this is not possible, so when the child turns eight, he/she is transferred to a long-term Attention Facility adjusted to his/her profile.

What is the difference between Placement and Adoption?

Adoption is an irrevocable and irreversible measure in which the child acquires the status of a son or daughter. Family Placement is a provisional measure in which the child can grow up as a member of the family, but maintains some kind of relation with his/her biological family. Under exceptional conditions, children may pass from placement to adoption.

How is FUNDANA supported?

FUNDANA is sustained with donations in cash and in kind.

Where are the Tikitikas cookies sold?

You can find them in supermarkets and food stores. Also, you can contact us.

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