With the development of the Program Las Villas de Los Chiquiticos, we have migrated from an institutional to a family-residential model, formed by a small family group. “Godmothers” and “aunts” are the maternal figures that provide professional care for the children and the love and attention children deserve.


During their stay at the Villas, our children receive integral attention, so they can fully develop all their potential, by providing aid from social workers, psychologists, pediatricians, neurologists, initial education, recreation, sports, physiotherapy and nutrition, among others.

Service areas:

  • Medical: Pediatric service with daily attention, and if required, cases are referred to specialized centers for external consultation with specialists

  • Dental

  • Psychological: Initial evaluation and periodic attention according to needs.

  • Social: Location and evaluation of the biological family, through a program of residential and institutional visits to determine de socio-economic conditions of the family.

  • Legal

  • Education and early stimulation: Leveling program (in the institution) for children that can not be included directly in formal education, and early stimulation program for children under 2. The rest of the children attend nearby schools.

  • Recreational: extra-curricular activities such as swimming at the Teo Capriles Academy, fast-track computer program, sports teachers and volunteer activities.

  • Language Therapy and Physiotherapy.

Los Chiquiticos Villas

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