A non-profit organization.

A group of people concerned and busy changing the destiny of children and families at risk.

Our history

"We are convinced that we are capable of leaving the world better than we found it."

This is the premise that has guided a group of brave people for several decades who followed their dreams, even though they may involve a life of challenge after challenge.

The first great challenge was to break with the institutional model of child protection in Venezuela. We change an institutionalized childhood, without affection and in very precarious conditions, for a safe environment: a place of colors with spaces adapted to the needs of children and with the highest international standards: “Las Villas de los Chiquiticos”. With this motivation and with the help of great allies along the way, in 1991 FUNDANA (Friends of the Abandoned Child Foundation) was created, which would later be called: “Fundación Amigos del Niño que Amerita Protección”.

A secular organization that works protecting lives to change destinies.

Along the way we realized that helping children was not enough, because they are part of a family that needs support and guidance to function. Thus, Programs aimed at families, communities and women survivors of violence and vulnerable families began.


It is a reference in the country of good practices in the care of children and families in situations of maximum social exclusion. The evolution that we have had led us to understand the importance of carrying out preventive work with the communities.


COMMUNITY FAMILY STRENGTHENING PROGRAM hand in hand with UNICEF has allowed us to have an impact on more than 40,000 people through free psychological consultations, family therapy, educational workshops, nutritional support and social and legal support.


We are encouraged to be part of the construction of a Venezuela of social change, where we all collaborate to combat injustice and reduce inequalities. Our model radically altered the model of what a child protection entity should be.


At FUNDANA, each boy and girl is cared for with attention, love, security, ensuring that they can have a happy childhood, with everything they deserve and not with what "is left over." History has been full of barriers, fears, tears and frustrations, but in the face of every obstacle, FUNDANA takes stock, not to give up, but to gain momentum and overcome them. Difficulties such as: cases of children who have hopeless life prospects, difficult economic times in which we have struggled to get even milk formula for babies, to deal with prejudices that were deeply ingrained in the community. These prejudices were soon replaced with collaboration and support from the neighbors.


For each challenge we have and will overcome, there are dozens of stories full of hope, perseverance, courage, effort, collaboration, love for Venezuela, commitment and protection, that have marked the path of FUNDANA, which has been changing lives for three decades.

Cuando un nino llega a FUNDANA




We believe that solidarity is the engine of a better society.


We support respect for the rights of each individual.


We sow trust and hope in children.


We work so that each child has a family where they are protected.


We empower women to bravely break the cycle of violence.


We guarantee that each donation translates into direct benefit for our Programs


We promote communities with good treatment and empathy, families that educate with love.


We are persevering, protective of children, constant activators.


For Fundana, our human talent is what makes it possible to change so many destinations.


With their commitment, dedication, sensitivity and enthusiasm, we manage to be a source of hope for vulnerable families every day.

"Nutrifamilias" program

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"The Villas of the Chiquiticos"

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We are not alone, there are many who join us in this work

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