The role of volunteers is essential for the development of our social project. At the community level, they are one of the communication channels of the Foundation with society, which allows for diffusion and acknowledgment of our work.


  • Planes:

    • Individual

    • Corporate

    • Social work

Volunteer programs:

  • Convive Feliz (Live Together Happily): Volunteers that visit one or several days a week; they share and collaborate with the children in their life space.

  • A different day: volunteers with the possibility to offer the children a special snack or refreshment, to take them out or just to change their routine for a day.

  • Lifesaver Volunteer: those who can support and share with FUNDANA the work and time required during the recovery period of a child, or when they go through difficult emotional states

  • Happy Birthdays: support us in organizing the children’s birthdays. Share the joy to see the grow, play, blow the candle, eat cake...

  • Grow and learn: support in game and recreational activities that promote their learning process.

  • Family Christmas: this program allows a child to enjoy the warmth of a family environment during Christmas and New Year.

  •  Other ways to volunteer:

    • With your professional talent

    • Donations: in cash, sponsoring a child, food, clothes, shoes, toys and others.

    • With your strengths.

How can you help?

Internally, volunteers play a determining role in rebuilding paternal and maternal images for our children. Although certainly the economic support of our donors is very important, the permanent presence of volunteers in the Foundation, allows us to provide affective and professional support to the children.


There is always a way to participate; our children require attention and help in their daily activities, such as feeding, bathing, educational and recreational activities, field trips and medical visits, in which volunteers provide great support. Also, if you have some special ability that you can provide, it is always welcome, such as handicrafts, sport, music, art, cooking, etc.


You can also help in administration and operational activities, such as organizing closets and storage rooms, classifying clothes, medicines and toys, raising finds or contacting companies, organizing events, etc.


  • Legal age or over 15 with authorization from parents.

  • Fill the volunteer registration

  • You can not be a candidate for adopting or family placement.

  • One recent picture

  • Copy of the Identity Card

  • Attend a training talk (on the 15th of each month, at the three homes).

  • Good mental and physical health

  • Provide a personal reference letter

  • No criminal record

  • No biological relation with the children protected by FUNDANA

  • Fill the registration sheet, and turn in with the rest of the requirements.

  • Once all requirements have been turned in, attend the introductory talk


Av rio de Janeiro, a 50mts de los depósitos de Aerocav, Caurimare,

Caracas, Venezuela


0212-6147100 / 2270055




Program Coordinadora:

Mrs. Ivonne Odreman

Requirements to be a volunteer:

  • Confirm assistance via email

  • Attend the workshop

  • Complete the participation form.

  • Bring the following requirements:

    • Copy of ID

    • One passport-sized photo with the name written on the back

Where we are

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